Trust Administration

Trust Administration at The Law Offices of Nissan Thomas, Esq.

If you have been chosen to be a trustee for someone’s trust, you have a big responsibility on your shoulders. Trusts are generally administered without court supervision, but they can still be accompanied by a variety of financial and legal issues. These legal problems are best navigated with the assistance of a reputable estate planning attorney.

As trustee, you can benefit greatly from a consultation with Attorney Nissan Thomas. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney, he will take the steps needed to ensure that the trust administration process remains as straightforward and free of disputes as possible.

The Trust Administration Process

The trust administration process is, in many ways, similar to the probate administration process. Trust administration begins with a thorough analysis of all existing assets. This is followed by the filing of necessary estate tax returns. Once these returns have been filed and a closing letter from the IRS has been received, the trustee can proceed with asset division and distribution to beneficiaries. Because this process can be so complex — and because even seemingly minor mistakes can have huge tax consequences — it is imperative to work with a knowledgeable trust administration lawyer such as Nissan Thomas. His firm provides much-needed guidance through every phase of the trust administration process, thereby ensuring that trust beneficiaries and trustees are legally protected.

Nissan Thomas: A Responsible Legal Advocate

Nissan Thomas understands the stress inherent in the trust administration process. He strives to ease this burden by providing administrators with the patient, yet in-depth legal counsel they require. His oversight allows trustees to avoid legal issues and to manage all assets according to the terms of the trusts they have been asked to administer.

Look to the Law Offices of Nissan Thomas, Esq. for assistance with all aspects of the trust administration process. The firm is well-known for its exceptional estate planning representation, and is thus the perfect resource to turn to as you settle complicated trust administration matters.

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